Les marchés des environs

Local markets

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Saint Drezery market


Every Thursday morning, small traditional market in Saint Drezery (facing the stadium)

Fruits, vegetables, rotisserie, butchery, crustaceans, cheese, plants and flowers …


          The organic vegetable garden


Close to the cottage, open all year, 

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

an organic garden and groceries!

At St Bauzille de Montmel, at the entrance of the village (5 kms from the cottage) you will be greeted with a big smile at ” le porager de Flo et Anne”.

They offer fresh eggs, vegetables grown on the spot, depending on the season and also other vegetables from local and organic producers, of course.

You will also find a grocery store with local products, vacuum meat, preserves, wine, olive oil etc …




Sommières (15 minutes from the cottage) every Saturday morning and at the same time a flea market on the esplanade. You can access it easily by parking along the Vidourle direction Quissac and cross the river by the ford, you arrive directly on the bustling market, especially in summer. You can even taste oysters with a dry white in a great atmosphere on the main market square!

Valflaunes (15 minutes from the cottage) on Sunday morning: Flo Anne and her organic vegetable garden, as well as several local producers.

Mauguio (20 minutes from the cottage), and a little further, Lunel, big markets on Sunday morning.

Organic markets (5 minutes from the cottage): Saturday morning and Wednesday morning in Sussargues or Sunday morning in St Jean de Cornies.