Les vins de Saint Drezery et de la région

The wines of Saint Drezery and region

Saint-Drézéry is a village whose history and development are closely linked to viticulture.

The reds of the AOC Languedoc-Saint-Drézéry are renowned for their power and refinement.

A worlwide know vineyard: Château Puech Haut at the entrance of the village.

Beautiful entrance, a long alley of olive trees welcomes us and let us discover a superb house all in stone of Italian inspiration.


                                                              The famous barrels    


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The second vineyard of ​​Saint Drezery is called Mas d’Arcaÿ and is located at the exit of the village.

It is a very beautiful area that has existed for several generations of winemakers. Jean Lacauste has taken over the reins for a few years and has been rewarded for his work and his involvement in making his wines known.

Plus all the wines of the Pic Saint Loup region  are to be  discovered!