Bullfighting Traditions

Saint-Drézéry is a village very marked by its bullfighting traditions.

Several times a year the bullfighting club organizes abrivados, bandidos and encierros.

Every weekend around the 15th of August, the village is in full swing and bullfighting activities play a major role in the festivities

Abrivadoabrivada: Provençal word meaning "impetus, haste", noted abrivada or abrivado, formerly designated the driving of the bulls from the pastures to the arenas under the supervision of guards.

BandidoProvençal word (from Provençal bandir or fòrabandir, "to expel" the bulls) which initially designated the return of the bulls from the bullring to the pastures

Bull runSpanish term literally meaning "confinement" and designating either the confinement of bulls in the corrals, or a batch of bulls destined for the bullfight, or the journey of the bulls from the corrals to the bullring.

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