The vineyards of Saint Drezery

Two very famous estates: Château Puech Haut at the entrance of the village coming from Teyran, and Mas d'Arcaÿ at the entrance of the village coming from Beaulieu.

The vineyard of St Drézéry

Saint-Drézéry is a village whose history and development are intimately linked to wine growing.

20 kilometres north-east of Montpellier, the terroir of Saint-Drézéry stretches from 50 to 150 metres above sea level with areas of semi-slopes and hillsides.

The rolled pebbles are one of the major characteristics of this denomination guaranteeing an optimal maturity of the grapes and conferring to these wines power and refinement.

The maritime climate here is marked by significantly less rainfall than the average for other sectors of the Languedoc AOC and relatively cool nights. These thermal conditions at night favour the ripening process, the colouring and the expression of the grapes' fine aromas.

The reds of the AOC Languedoc-Saint-Drézéry are renowned for their power and refinement...

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